The relevance of SMS marketing in times of crisis

Published: February 25, 2022

No marketing is no solution either!

The relevance of marketing in times of crisis

At the moment we live in troubled times. Not only does this affect our private lives, but Covid-19 is also entering the business world and we need to start rethinking our entrepreneurial approach. In terms of digitalization, we are forced to move forward. What has been criticized in Brazil for years is now being tackled in this plight. Employees are working from home as far as possible and efforts are increasingly being made to digitalise processes.

Customer Communication

Customer Communication

In difficult times, customer communication is crucial. Many customers are unsettled, so it is important to seek contact and keep them up to date.

SMS Marketing is the best way to reach your customers. Because especially in home office times, the computer is not always with you and an e-mail is quickly lost.

Use Case I Hospital/Doctor’s office

You can also use the classic SMS to communicate with patients, so that they stay at home if possible, but are still kept up to date. For example, in your SMS you can: request a callback, issue regulations, communicate status messages, deliver warnings, confirm appointments, warn the population, send test results and much more.

Stay in contact with your customers and make sure that they stay at home.

Use Case II Restaurant

Continue to communicate with your customers even if your restaurant is currently closed.

It is important to keep in touch. Perhaps you are now offering a delivery service - in that case, use SMS as a channel to communicate this to your customers and thus cushion the slump in sales.

Employee Communication

Employee Communication

Of course, you can not only communicate with your customers via SMS.

You can also easily reach out to your employees via SMS. For example, you can send information quickly and expect the SMS to be read in 98% of cases.

Use Case I Hospital/Doctor’s office

In these chaotic times, communication with the medical staff must also be ensured.

Maybe something has changed in the shift schedule - then simply use an SMS to communicate this.

Use Case II Company

By connecting to our API, your employees can receive alarm notifications if they are all currently working from home.

For example, if someone unauthorized enters the office, they will receive a notification. Using our API, many processes can be automated and simplified.

LGPD-compliant customer data collection

Communication is an important component in times of crisis, but in order to be able to communicate, customer data must be available to you - customer data that you collect in compliance with the LGPD. You can use our LGPD-compliant online forms for this purpose.

Simply create an online form on our platform to collect data. That is relevant to you and obtain your customers' consent to store their customer data and use it for further communication purposes. Even in times of crisis, data protection is still a top priority.

LGPD-compliant customer data collection

Customer data collection offline & online

Once you have created a web form, you can distribute it. You can do this both, online and offline. For example, generate a QR code, print it out and hang it in your shop window/restaurant door/doctor's office/hospital. This way you can reach your customers offline and collect even more relevant data.

An additional advantage You collect customer or patient data without any physical contact.

Online you can simply send the link to the form, or send it, shortened, as SMS.

Customer data collection offline & online

Stay safe!